Under the mentorship of our able gardeners,
we nurture the following specializations


A picture is worth a thousand words but an animation brings to you just the right words coupled with the right emotion. We at Turnup Idea Pvt. Ltd.build corporate videos, Logos/ Corporate identities, 3D animation and TV commercials.

We can’t tell you how much we love playing with those cute motion images and the idea of putting them into animation thrills us to the core.

They are like new born babies to us whom we need to teach the ‘art of living’ and growing up with grace.

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Do you need a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows app? Prefer a cross-platform responsive web app? Require a secure backend? If you want it, we can build it. Where others struggle, we thrive.
From iPhone to iPad to Apple Watch - we've built a boatload of iOS apps. We’re also experienced in Swift, and have the best team of C and Objective-C coders.
Android apps live in a highly fragmented multi-device world. The API rules are less strict, but quality assurance testing is more intensive. We handle it.

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This is the backbone of any business and there’s no denial of the fact. Just like any food is incomplete without salt, likewise in any business without software backup you stand handicapped. We are here to help you with just the right software and the ideal update of the same so that you not just grow but outgrow others.

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Branding is at the foundation of everything we do.
A brand identity is much more than just a logo and color palette, it’s what sets an organization, person, product or service apart. Our branding work is always process-driven – and not just any process. It’s the same process used to craft the biggest and best brands in the world.

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